The Playschool Executive Board


Our playschool is a parent-cooperative which means that we partner with parents to ensure the delivery of a wonderful school year for all the children so they may learn and grow!   


Parents are encouraged to join the Board and/or attend meetings.  It is a great way to build relationships with other families and to get involved in the community!  We meet approximately once a month to discuss all matters playschool and have a great time doing it! No experience is required, just a willing hand and a desire to be part of the decisions affecting your child’s playschool. Parents who commit to a position on our Executive Board are exempt from one volunteer commitment (eg: bingo).  If you have any questions about how you can contribute, please connect with us. REMEMBER, THE PLAYSHOOL CANNOT RUN WITHOUT AN EXECUTIVE!!!!!



President: Cindy Kanno

-oversees operations of the playschool

Vice President: VACANT

-provides support to the President


Treasurer: Marilyn McDonald

-manages finances

Registrar: Cindy Kanno

-handles registrations

Fundraising Coordinator: Sarah Pearson

-plans and oversees fundraising initiatives 

Socia Media Coordinator

-manages website and social media accounts


-Documents meetings, general record keeping