Our passion is to instill a life-long love of learning by offering a positive environment where children belong to a supportive community and feel confident in their abilities.  We use a variety of resources and themes in and out of the classroom to help students explore their curious minds.  

Personal and Social Development
-Being responsible for personal belongings
-Being able to get ready independently
-Learn to share with others and cooperate in group interactions

-Expand on communication and expression through reading, singing, and sharing 

-Learn how to identify and express feelings through words and/or pictures

Emotional and Physical Development
-Transition from home to school routine
-Learn strategies to manage emotions
-Develop fine and gross motor skills through projects and activities
-Learning to make healthy choices

Cognitive Growth
-Recognize, write, and sounds out letters
-Recognize numbers, shapes, colors, and patterns
-Distinguish different textures and sensations (sensory bin)
-Exploration with light (light table)

Creative and Cultural Expression
-Interactive musical activities
-Dramatic play
-Crafts, songs, and dance
-Project based, hands-on activities